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Female Muscle Growth And Transformation
What would a woman say if she could talk about her muscle growth? Probably a lot, right? But what about while the transformation and expansion is happening? Well, that's what ICFMG is here for. We take the images of women growing that they can't describe because they are too busy screaming, in a good way of course.
Help Me! - June 16th, 2013
To welcome the new era of ICFMG, I am remaking the first sequence I ever published on this site, called "Self Awareness". If you look closely, you'll see the set is still the same, only with enhanced quality. In remaking "Self Awareness" as a full-length sequence, I finally complete a long-standing goal.
Mirror (5) - December 14, 2012
Lindsay bought some brand new sexy red underwear, and can't help but notice that she looks pretty damn good. Her body is perfectly slender, and she decides to whip out her smart-phone and take some pictures of herself in the mirror. She thinks to herself: "Who knows, maybe if I post these pictures I'll get a message from a modelling agency. Or at least I'll make my ex-boyfriend jealous!".

She grabs her phone, opens the camera application, and strikes a pose in the mirror. After taking a few images, Lindsay starts to feel a little hot and puffy. As she looks at herself in the mirror, she notices that her body appears to be becoming larger.
Muscle Mutilation - November 30, 2012
We all know aliens like to play games with us via ambiguous visits and abductions that cannot be remembered, but who knew aliens also enjoyed Female Muscle Growth?

Felicity is a teenager who was driving alone to meet up with her best friend, when she noticed a triangular formation of orbs seemingly far away in the sky. She stops for a moment to look at them, and whips out her phone to get some video. Suddenly, two orbs come from behind and hover right above her head. Before Felicity can react, a huge round metallic object zooms in from behind her at incredible speed, and stops instantly.
Changing Room (22) - 18 October, 2012
After dropping her daughter off at the gym, Audrey was about to leave when she was forcibly injected with something that made her muscles grow uncontrollably, while her daughter watched on helplessly.
Self Awareness (4) - February, 2011
Three women being held hostage in a research facility get loose and are looking for a way out. When they run past "the machine", it is turned on and aimed at them.

It uses a tractor beam to pull one of the women up into itself. Her dress is torn off as her friends try to hold her down.

The machine shoots energy into the womans body, causing her muscles to spasm and grow.
Mirror Promo - 28 November, 2012
Everyone will be familiar with those pictures ladies take in the mirror using their phones (Usually in the bathroom!). This is especially popular with female bodybuilders, who just love snapping pictures of themselves pumped up after a workout.

In this new sequence, our new female character Lindsay is busy snapping images of herself in the mirror, when suddenly she is overcome by a severe case of Female Muscle Growth.

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